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Defining your brand with sustainable habits is no longer an option. Consumers everywhere are looking to do business with companies that align with their values. As sustainability grows from a trend to a movement, eco friendly promotional products will help you align your brand with your customers.

Why are Eco Friendly Promotional Products Valuable? 

Let’s take a look at some data. According to ASI’s latest Global Ad Impressions study, 46 percent of consumers say they have a more favorable opinion of advertisers that give out eco friendly promotional products. Plus, buying habits have changed. Nearly a third of people 55 and older say they purchased more eco friendly products than the year before.

Investing in eco-friendly products for your business will not only help the environment, but it will improve your brand favorability. Combined with a high impression, low cost promotional product strategy, you’ll see a clear ROI from eco friendly promotional products. 

Different Types of Eco Friendly Promotional Products

As the term “eco friendly” becomes a popular buzzword, it’s often used to “greenwash” marketing. This is when companies invest more time (and money) into marketing their products as “green” when they aren’t really as sustainable as they claim. So how do you see through false claims and choose truly eco friendly promotional products?

Start by understanding what makes a product eco friendly. There are five common categories that we see eco friendly promotional products fall into: 

  • Recycled fabrics – Common fabrics we see used are recycled PET fabrics and recycled cotton.
  • Natural materials – Bamboo, hemp, wheat straw and cotton are all-natural and biodegradable.  
  • Giveback Items – Products that support sustainable causes are becoming more and more popular.
  • Reusable Products – Water bottles, straws, and bags are all reusable and help reduce the use of single-use plastics.
  • Sustainably Made Items – It’s not just about the product itself, but how a company does business. Is the manufacturer B Corp certified? Do they have policies in place to make sure their factories are safe?

There’s a lot to consider when selecting eco friendly promotional products. It’s important to spend a bit of extra time to ensure what your investing in is truly eco friendly and sustainable. Remember, consumers are looking for authenticity in your brand. Start by being authentic with your eco friendly promotional products.

To help get you started, here’s a list of our favorite eco friendly promotional products for businesses that are genuine, authentic and truly green.

1. Bio Plastic Bento Box with Bamboo Lid 

Bento Boxes have become a new product trend, as people head back to work and want to keep their food items as sanitary as possible. There are also quite a few different eco friendly options out there. This specific bento box combines two different sustainable materials: a bamboo lid and a PLA made base. PLA is a bioplastic made from polyactic acid created with plant starches. This product also fits into the giveback item category, as one percent of sales go towards supporting nonprofits dedicated to protecting the planet. 

It’s not just a lunch box either, the bamboo lid can serve as a cutting board too. It’s a great way to encourage healthy eating, with a simple way to cut up fruits and vegetables. The lid and container are secured tightly together with a matching band. It even includes a fork/spoon combo that attaches to the side. Brand it with an engraved logo right on the lid for a professional look.

2. Wheat Straw Mug

So wheat straw is a natural, eco friendly material. But what exactly is it? It’s the straw that’s leftover after wheat grains are harvested. Wheat straw is commonly treated as waste. Many farmers end up burning it, contributing to air pollution. But it can be used to create products, such as this wheat straw mug. With double-wall construction and a stainless steel liner, this eco friendly mug will keep drinks hot or cold, proving to be both a sustainable and high-value product. 

Specifically designed with K cup coffee machines in mind, clients, employees, or customers will love the convenience and appeal of this 14-ounce wheat straw mug. Make it your own with a color print silkscreen logo on the outside of the mug for maximum brand exposure. 

3. Earth Travel Mug

Another bold and unique choice for those constantly on the go is this bamboo travel mug. A lot of eco friendly products come in a more natural or organic looking tone. This mug combines the look and feel of a bright and colorful promo product with the sustainable materials of an eco friendly promotional product. 

It’s made from organic bamboo fiber that’s biodegradable and healthy for the planet. Plus, choose from these eight bold colors: blue, brown, green, pink, purple, red, teal or gray. Get really creative with your branding by imprinting your logo using glitter, matte or neon ink. 

It comes with a leak-resistant screw on and sip-through lid, making it perfect for on-the-go use. With a matching silicone sleeve and spill stopper, this mug makes a bold statement for sustainability. A percentage of the proceeds from this mug are also donated to Project Aware, an organization that works to reduce pollution in the earth’s oceans.

4. Recycled Paper Notebook or Journal

When choosing a promotional notebook or journal for your business, take into account the paper waste. Choosing an eco friendly alternative like this recycled paper notebook is a decision both the environment, and your prospects will get behind. 

This specific journal is made with recycled cardboard, a biodegradable material that is much more sustainable than regular paper. It features 80 pages of lined writing space, a built-in elastic closure, and an expandable accordion pocket for extra storage. The cover can be branded with a deboss imprint for a unique and custom look.

5. Eco Friendly Lip Balms

Maybe you’ve received a promotional lip balm before. What container did it come in? Plastic? 

If you want to stand out from other promotional product giveaways, and be more sustainable as a whole, consider choosing an eco friendly lip balm like this sustainabalm. The lip balm itself is made with an all-natural formula. Plus, the packaging is made from recycled post-consumer plastic and potato bio-resin, which comes from excess potato starch. A 100% recyclable product.

You can get creative with a completely customizable full-color matte label. Design your own or have one of our designers craft one especially for your business. Choose from three fun different flavors: lemon, peppermint, or beeswax.

6. RuMe Recycled Duffel Bag

You can even choose eco friendly options when it comes to backpacks or luggage. We love this RuMe recycled duffel bag which is made from post-consumer plastics, like recycled water bottles. It offers a durable fabric that is made for travel, but much more sustainable for the environment. It’s large enough to carry several items in its main zippered compartment, yet easily folds down into a compact size for storage.

It’s unique too. With integrated top grab handles, a front zippered pocket, and adjustable shoulder straps, this duffel bag will truly set your brand apart. Especially when customized with a PMS imprint of your company’s logo.

A Brand Impact with Eco Friendly Promotional Products for Businesses

The sustainability movement offers a lot of potential. Both for creating a better place to live and breathe and for businesses to connect with their customers. When done right, eco friendly promotional products can give your brand a chance to relate to customers on a more personal level, by showing you value causes they care about. 

And remember, it’s not just about choosing eco friendly promotional products. Sustainability goes beyond the products themselves. To be truly genuine in your marketing, adopt green business practices, and start implementing sustainable policies. Your customers will appreciate the follow-through, as you talk the talk with your products and walk the walk with your values. 

by Cathy Houston from DELTA MARKETING



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